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Illustrated Collection

Best for Children ages 2-10
The Three Weavers, llustrated     $22

The Three Weavers Illustrated is a delightful allegory for
fathers to read with their daughters - not just once, but over
and over again. This beautifully illustrated rendition reveals
how each weaver prepares his daughter to weave a mantle perfectly
suited for the prince - and why two suffer the consequences of poor
choices while one reaps the benefits of yielding to wise counsel.
Author: Rewritten by Mark Hamby

The Beggars Blessing     $18

A true story from the 1800s about a little girl who sacrificed her
savings for a starving beggar. Full-color illustrations will capture the
hearts of children as they learn that sacrifice is the cornerstone for
surprising blessings.
            Author: Mark Hamby

The Hedge of Thorns, Illustrated     $18

Curious to know what is on the other side of the hedge? Join John
Carrol as he journeys beyond the boundaries and learns a lesson he
will never forget. Based on a true story.

Teddy's Button, Illustrated     $24

Young and old alike will love this illustrated re-telling of Lamplighter's
best seller! Beautiful illustrations now bring to life a story that is as
precious as the one in our original Rare Collector volume. This
illustrated version is sure to enlighten younger children and warm the
hearts of anyone who reads it

The True Princess

This book is a classic that will teach children what makes a true princess in
Jesus’ eyes! Truly a treasure to be passed on to the next generation. Based
on scriptural teachings of servanthood.   
Author: Angela Hunt

Trusty Tried & True    $20

Mom and Dad, written in the style of Dr. Seuss, this adorable adventure is
bursting with colorful imagery to heighten a child’s imagination and stir
creativity. Your children will learn much about selfishness, pride, and vanity
through the characters of Brawny, Smarty, and Beauty. But most importantly,
they will want to be more like Trusty, our hero, who is so eager to help

Author: Mark and Deborah Hamby

Trusty Gets Off Track​​​​​​  $20
Trusty is back! But instead of listening to the warning of Papá Engineer, Trusty chooses the path that looks easy and fun. Little does he know that what lies ahead is a breakdown and a crash. Why didn?t he listen? Will he ever get back on track? Little children understand how hard it is to listen and obey. The wonderful illustrations will reach their tender hearts as they join Trusty once again!
Author:  Mark and Deborah Hamby