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We hope you will enjoy browsing our selection of Lamplighter Books.
We are a homeschool family of 9 and these books have really influenced our lives.
We believe that these stories will impact your life and encourage character in your children.
We carry a full line of the Lamplighter Rare Collector series, illustrated books and the new dramatic audio CDs.
These new dramatic audios really bring the stories to life and make car rides a real treat.
If there is something specific you are looking for and can't find, just let us know, we probably have it in stock and haven't added it to our site yet or we would love
to get it for you.

New Releases
We are offering 10% off of some of our Lamplighter Rare Collector series
​New Releases.​
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Lamplighter Theater
New Dramatic Audios
We now have all of season 2
we have Teddy's Button and Sir Knight of the Splendid Way​​​​
These are captivating Dramatic Audios.
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All images and descriptions are used with permission of Lamplighter publishing.

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