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Trusty Meets Bully Blare - $20
It's an exciting day-Trusty is moving! He'll attend a new school and meet new friends!
​But when big Bully Blare teases his new friend Missy, Trusty must make a decision.
​He soon learns what it means to be a true friend.
Author: Deborah Hamby

Trusty Gets off Track  - $20
Trusty is back! But instead of listening to the warning of Papá Engineer, Trusty
chooses the path that looks easy and fun. Little does he know that what lies ahead
is a breakdown and a crash. Why didn?t he listen? Will he ever get back on track?
Little children understand how hard it is to listen and obey. The wonderful
illustrations will reach their tender hearts as they join Trusty once again!

Author Mark and Deborah Hamby

A Lost Pearle (New Release)

If you're looking for a good mystery with plenty of action, strong
​characterization, and a complex plot, this book is for you. As you
​try to piece it all together, you'll inevitably find yourself wondering
​what you would do in many situations, as inner and outward conflicts
rise to an exhilarating crescendo.

Author Mrs Georgie Sheldon